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Recap of the Calgary National Bank Challenger Winners

Nov 13, 2023
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The Calgary National Bank Challenger showcased remarkable talent, grit, and unforgettable moments as tennis enthusiasts gathered to witness a thrilling competition. The event was marked by the triumphant return of Sabine Lisicki who marked her match with an inspiring comeback, taking home an unforgettable win. Liam Draxl, the young Canadian from Ontario, wins his first ATP title over defending champion Dominik Koepfer. And let’s not forget the captivating performances of women’s doubles team Eden Silva and Sarah Beth Grey from Great Britain and men’s doubles teams Juan Carlos Aguilar and Justin Boulais from Canada.

Sabine Lisicki’s Unforgettable Comeback

The Women’s Singles category was headlined by the incredible journey of Sabine Lisicki. The German tennis star, once sidelined by a devastating knee injury, fought her way back to the top, emerging as the Women’s Singles Winner. Lisicki’s resilience and determination were on full display as she overcame challenges, ultimately clinching victory against Stacey Fung in a hard-fought battle.

Sabine Lisicki signalling heart hands

Photo by Chris Tobias

Stacey Fung’s Tenacity

Stacey Fung, a formidable contender, showcased immense tenacity in the Women’s Singles category. Many believed she could go all the way, giving Lisicki a run for her money. The match was intense, with Fung displaying skill and determination. Although she fell short in the end, losing in the third set with a score of 6-3, Fung left a lasting impression on the crowd with her impressive performance.

Stacey Fung Playing Tennis

Photo by Subbu Srinivasan

Liam Draxl’s Breakthrough Moment

In the Men’s Singles category, the spotlight shone on Canada’s own Liam Draxl. The rising star secured his first Singles Challenger title by defeating the defending champion, Dominik Koepfer from Germany. Draxl’s victory was a breakthrough moment, marking his ascent in the tennis world and showcasing the depth of Canadian talent.

Liam Draxl celebrating his win at the Calgary National Bank Challenger Professional Tennis Tournament

Photographed by Subbu Srinivasan

Doubles Delight with Silva, Grey, Aguilar, and Boulais

The Women’s Doubles category was dominated by the British pair, Eden Silva and Sarah Beth Grey. Visiting Calgary for the first time, the duo expressed their love for the event and regretted not attending in previous years. Their chemistry on the court and enthusiasm for the tournament left a positive impact on fans.

Eden Silva and Sarah Bath Grey Women's Doubles going in for a hug as they win the championship

Photo by Kyle Clapham

In the Men’s Doubles category, the Canadian duo of Juan Carlos Aguilar and Justin Boulais emerged as champions. Boulais, fresh off a victory at the Edmonton Challenger, continued his winning streak alongside Aguilar, showcasing the strength of Canadian tennis in both singles and doubles competitions.

Photo by Kyle Clapham

Celebrating Diversity and Talent

While it wasn’t a clean sweep for the Canadians, the diverse array of winners from different countries added to the event’s global appeal. The Calgary National Bank Challenger celebrated the spirit of competition, the triumph of the human spirit, and the love for the sport as players from over 30 countries visited this year.

Congratulations to all the winners who etched their names in the tournament’s history and provided fans with unforgettable moments. As we reflect on the Calgary National Bank Challenger, let’s savor the triumphs, commend the resilience, and look forward to the continued success of these tennis stars on their respective journeys.

Photo by Subbu Srinivasan