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Honouring Buddy Victor

Nov 13, 2023
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During the Finals Presented by Holt Renfrew at the OSTEN & VICTOR Alberta Tennis Centre, took a moment to honour the life of Buddy Victor with Al Osten, where he will be remembered for his outstanding contributions and unwavering support for the tennis centre.

Buddy Victor’s impact on the Alberta Tennis Centre is immeasurable. His vision, coupled with Al Osten’s commitment, has turned the facility into a beacon of excellence for tennis enthusiasts in Alberta. The recent Calgary National Bank Challenger 2023 served as a poignant moment to honour Buddy Victor’s legacy.

During the event, Danny Da Costa, the CEO of the Alberta Tennis Centre, took the stage to pay tribute to Buddy Victor. Da Costa expressed gratitude for Buddy’s pivotal role in the Centre’s success. The naming of the Centre itself stands as a testament to Buddy’s influence, ensuring that his legacy will be forever intertwined with the vibrant tennis community he helped build. Al Osten’s presence at the event underscored the profound partnership that fueled the success of the Alberta Tennis Centre.

The Calgary National Bank Challenger Finals Presented by Holt Renfrew became more than a showcase of athletic prowess; it became a celebration of a life well-lived and a legacy that will endure. The tennis community came together not only to witness thrilling matches but also to honour a man whose generosity transcended the boundaries of the court.

As the tournament unfolded, players, spectators, and organizers alike shared stories of Buddy Victor’s impact. His philanthropy extended beyond the Alberta Tennis Centre, leaving an indelible mark on various charitable organizations. The Challenger Finals became a fitting platform to acknowledge the breadth of Buddy’s contributions and the lives he touched.

In recognition of his extraordinary contributions, the tournament organizers, along with Danny Da Costa and Al Osten, unveiled a commemorative display at the Alberta Tennis Centre. This exhibit serves as a lasting tribute to Buddy Victor’s legacy, ensuring that future generations of tennis enthusiasts will learn about the man whose vision and generosity shaped the landscape of tennis in Alberta.

The Calgary National Bank Challenger Finals Presented by Holt Renfrew thus became a poignant moment of remembrance, celebration, and gratitude. Buddy Victor’s spirit lives on in the vibrant rallies, competitive matches, and the echoes of applause within the walls of the Osten and Victor Alberta Tennis Centre—a living testament to the enduring impact of a man who believed in the power to unite, inspire, and make a difference.